This Little Light of Mine( Mark 4:21-25 )


Seriously, we have some serious ones up ahead. You should stay tuned, you should be prepared and you should be ready. We’re going to spoil your perspectives. We’re not here to tell you what you want to here; that is not the expectation we are given to live up to. Every day that we spend on the face of this earth as Christians we are to Make it SHine and spoil this “Secret” that so many people think it theirs. Here it is: It’s all about Love and managing our own bull. That Light is knowing this and having that faith in Christ and his teachings.

That’s the truth. that’s what the whole thing about judging others is about. we are supposed to worry about how we act, what our sins are. know that we are forgiven and can improve and do so. Helping those along the way, without judging and without compromise. The Journey is with the Church, but the road is our own. only when we take the eyes off our own road to complain about someone else’s road do we lose it.

It is the Light that we bear on our road, and don’t get confused. Keep that faith and show it every day that you can. Show it in the smile to the lonely, the fiver out the window at a stop light, the donation to the homeless shelter or to the food bank. Show it in your actions. SHow it by loving each person you meet as Christ loves you. There is plenty of hate, so much indifference, but you don’t have to be a part of that. Learn a language other than the one that you were born with and listen to people. Go and travel and share your light there too. receive the light of others and let the light become part of yours. this is how we can share that light. that ever light.

That privilege, along with any that we possess, is to be used to help others because that Light doesn’t have to be only about Christ. It is all of us, we are the Lightbearers. It’s work; it’s challenge, but that’s what Christians should be looking for, isn’t it? Shining our Light, and letting the world know that we are Christians by our love for everyone. It is just as we teach in Sunday school. Just as the little songs we teach to the kids as soon as they can start to sing. What light is brighter? What light are you going to let shine? Take it out from under the mattress, feed it by the flames of others and sing loudly. This little light of mine? It’s shining. and I can’t wait to see how brightly yours can shine too.

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