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A Word on the Word

A reflection on the readings presented at Wednesday Evening Prayer.

  • SPOILERS!!!! Seriously, we have some serious ones up ahead. You should stay tuned, you should be prepared and you should be ready. We’re going to spoil your perspectives. We’re not here to tell you what you want to here; that is not the expectation we...

  • That valley of bones has been on my mind for two weeks. I try to start and finish the Saturday before I post it because I want to be uninspired by Father Michael. It may seem strange, but I have my reasons. I was having...

  • Based on the reading for today: John 16:16-24) It’s always amazing to me how blind we all are in the Moment. None of us understands the importance or the unimportance of what is right in front of us until later. I think that it’s very...

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  • Epicenter on the Parkway

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  • Camp Galilee

  • Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE)

  • Nevadans for the Common Good

  • Episcopal Relief and Development

  • The Smith Family, Missionaries to Chile